Prayer is hard for me. I made a decision this year that I want to devote time and energy into improving my prayer time. I started designing an iPhone app to help track my progress and get some insights into ways to improve. Maybe its hard for you, also. Maybe your prayer time is "ok", but you think it could be better focused. Maybe you aren't sure even how to start. Hopefully, this can help you as well.

Prayer Trainer -- expected release Summer 2016

The first app I plan to release is focused on timing and tracking. You can choose one of several prayer "models", such as the A.C.T.S, and set how long you would like to pray. The app will time each section of the prayer, and give you an audible alert or vibrate when it is time to move to the next section. There will be a tracking section as well, where you can see a calendar view of days you have prayed, number of days in a row, and prayer length over time. 

Prayer List -- expected release Summer 2017

I also have plans to release a second app to help track prayer requests. I'll share more details later, but the core problem this will try and solve is -- someone asked me to pray for a specific need, and I want to remember it.

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